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10th science Refresher Course 11-ACIDS AND BASES answer key

10th science Refresher Course 11-ACIDS AND BASES answer key

unit 1 - 10th Science ACIDS AND BASES Answer
Title : 10th science Bridge course Answer Worksheet 11

10th science Refresher Course-11-ACIDS AND BASES-answer key


1. Acids are _______________ in taste.

2. _______________ is called as king of chemicals.

3. We brush our teeth with tooth paste because it is _________________ in nature.

4. Red ant sting contains ___________________.

5. Acid mixed with base forms _____________________.

6. The word sour refers to ______________________ in Latin.

7. Wasp sting contains __________________.

8. Benzoic acid is used for ________________________.

9. Magnesium hydroxide is used for treating _______________ .

10.Acids which occur naturally in fruits and vegetables are called _____________.

11.The molecular formula of sulphuric acid is ________________.

12.___________________ acid present in our stomach helps in the digestion of food


13.____________________ is used to make bathing soaps.

14._______________ and ___________ orange are called artificial indicators.

15.Bases are generally ___________________ in nature. They give ______________ only

in aqueous medium and not in dry nature.

16.Acidic soil is not suitable for _______________ growth.

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