10th science Refresher Course 15-MICRO ORGANISMS answer key

10th science Refresher Course 15-MICRO ORGANISMS answer key

unit 1 - 10th Science MICRO ORGANISMS Answer
Title : 10th science Bridge course Answer Worksheet 15

10th science Refresher Course-15-MICRO ORGANISMS-answer key


1. Micro organisms are measured in ______

a) cm b) m.m c) micron d) meter

2. ______ is a prokaryotic Micro organism

a) Virus b) Fungi c) Bacteria d) Algae

3. Micro organisms can be seen with the help of a ______

a) Telescope b) Stethoscope c) Periscope d) Microscope


4. Based on shape, the Bacteria are classified into _____ types.

a) 2 b) 3 c) 4 e) 5

5. ______ Shows both living and nonliving characteristics

a) Protozoa b) Virus c) Bacteria d) Fungi

6. Virus means _____

7. The Milk gets turned into curd by the action of _____ Microbe.

8. The Science which deals with the study of Micro organisms is known as _____

9. _____ is an example of unicellular Fungi.

10.The locomotory organ of Bacteria is _____

11.Nitrogen fixing Bacteria - Edward Jenner

12.Mushroom - Rhizobium

13.Vaccine - Virus

14.Common Cold - Fungi

15.Bread and Cakes are soft due to the action of Virus. True or False?

16.Disease causing Micro Organisms are called pathogens. True or False?

17. Spirilla is a Spiral shaped Bacteria. True or False?

18.Name the organism which is responsible for fermenting the idly flour?

19.Name the Microbe which in causing the Corona?

20.Name any 2 Corona Vaccines.

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