10th science Refresher Course 4 -MAGNETISM AND ELECTRO MAGNETISM-answer key

10th science Refresher Course 4 -MAGNETISM AND ELECTRO MAGNETISM-answer key

unit 1 - 10th Science MAGNETISM AND ELECTRO MAGNETISM Answer
Title : 10th science Bridge course Answer Worksheet 4

10th science Refresher Course-4-MAGNETISM AND ELECTRO MAGNETISM-answer key


I. Choose the correct answer

1. A magnet attracts _______

a) Wooden materials 

b) any metal 

c) Copper 

d) Iron and Steel

2. One of the following is an example for a permanent magnet

a) Electromagnet

b) Gunmetal 

c) Soft iron 

d) Neodymium

3. The south pole of a bar magnet and the north pole of a U-Shaped magnet will ____

a) Attract each other 

b) Repel each other

c) Neither attract nor repel each other 

d) None of the above

4. The shape of the Earth’s magnetic field resembles that of an imaginary _____

a) U-Shaped magnet 

b) Straight conductor carrying current

c) Solenoid coil 

d) Bar magnet

5. MRI stands for _____

a) Magnetic Resonance Imaging 

b) Magnetic Running Image

c) Magnetic Radio Imaging 

d) Magnetic Radar Imaging

6. A compass is used for _____

a) Plotting magnetic lines 

b) Detection of magnetic field

c) Navigation 

d) All of these

II. Fill in the blanks

1. The magnetic strength is ______ at the poles.

2. A magnet has _____ magnetic poles.

3. Magnets are used in _____ for generating electricity.

4. ______ are used to lift heavy iron pieces.

5. A freely suspended bar magnet is always pointing along the ____ direction.

6. Like poles of magnets repel while unlike poles _____

7. The force of attraction of a magnet is ____ at the poles.

8. Now a days, magnets are used to generate ______ in dynamos.

9. Magnets are used in computers in the storing devices such as hard disks. They are used in

_____ and ____ cards also.

III. Match the Following

a) Magnetite - Magnetic lines

b) A tiny pivoted magnet - Natural magnet

c) Cobalt - Compass box

d) Closed curves - Ferro magnetic material

e) Bismuth - Diamagnetic material

IV. Draw and label the diagram of an AC generator

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