10th science Refresher Course 5-Light answer key

10th science Refresher Course 5-Light answer key

Topic 1 - Light
unit 1 - 10th Science Light Answer
Title : 10th science Bridge course Answer Worksheet 5

10th science Refresher Course-5-Light-answer key


I. Choose the correct answer

1. The spherical mirror with the reflecting surface curved outward is _____

a) Convex Mirror b) Concave Mirror c) Plane Mirror

2. The spherical mirror used as a rear-view mirror in the vehicle is ______

a) Concave Mirror b) Convex Mirror c) Plane Mirror

3. The mirror used in solar cookers is ______

a) Concave Mirror b) Convex Mirror c) Plane Mirror

4. The same sized image of an object is seen when the object is placed at _____

a) C b) F c) infinity

5. The mirrors used on road where there are sharp curves and turns are _____

a) Plane Mirrors b) Convex Mirror c) Concave Mirror

6. Kaleidoscope works under the principle of _____

a) Regular reflection b) Irregular reflection c) Multiple reflection

II. Fill in the blanks

1. The size of the image formed by convex mirror is always ____ than the object

2. The distance between the pole and the principal focus of a spherical mirror is _____

3. The nature of the image formed in a convex mirror is always _____

4. The number of images formed by an object when the plane mirror is kept parallel to each

other is ______

5. The mirror used by an ophthalmologist to examine the eye is ______

III. Say true / false

1. Pole is the geometric centre of the spherical mirror. Is it true or false?

IV. Answer briefly

1. Write the formula used to calculate the number of images formed between the two plane


2. Write the differences between concave and convex mirror?

3. What are the types of reflection?

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